Your buyers are bored.

Meet Glimmer, the world's first Pipeline Generation Platform.

The smarter way to attract, engage, and convert buyers.

Why are buyers bored with the typical B2B experience?

Let's take a look at the research process buyers face today:

The Buyer's Journey The Buyer's Journey

Bottom line? Buyers don't want to be sold to.

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We cracked the code.

We've shown that Glimmer fundamentally changes the B2B buying experience. And it works.

For a Fortune 50 company, we delivered:

600% increase in conversions 600% increase in conversions

We accomplished this in a single quarter!

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How can Glimmer help your organization?

Glimmer is the perfect combination of engagement engine, real-time buyer insights, and human assistance

All these ingredients work to craft seamless, immersive engagement experiences that your buyers will actually be enthusiastic about.

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Glimmer. Everything you need for buyer engagement.

The best bang for your—and your buyer's—buck.

The best bang for your buck.

Chances are your organization is paying far too much for your current sales products and services. Glimmer replaces them all.

Free Case Study

See how it works.

See how Glimmer drives quality pipeline.

Get this free case study to learn how Glimmer drove 23M in quality pipeline for a Fortune 50 company.

Want to know how our pipeline generation platform works? Get this free case study to see how a top enterprise company used Glimmer to get results. Period.

We can help you too. After reading the case study, let's connect to talk about how we can do the same for your organization—starting today. Your buyers are ready to reward you for providing an engaging buying experience. It's time for a change.